Hey there! My name is Paul Fischer and I like building, hacking and abusing systems. These can be any type of system really with any type of material. Code works. Computer hardware works. Network switches work. Servers work. Even Lego works. I spend my day hacking on open source software trying to get it to all work together in some sort reliable and efficient way. When all goes well it actually outputs something that someone finds useful.

I am constantly learning new things which keeps my job extremely interesting. I work for a large telco company which a very large network. Things at telco scale can get very interesting. Small problems become large issues when you start dealing with scale.

Some of the technologies that I am currently running in the lab are around containers and container orchestration software. I am also currently hammering on an array of white-box switches in an effort to morph them into behaving exactly like Linux x86 servers.

In my spare time I hang with my family and noodle on my guitarz.

Thanks for dropping by and I hope the information on this blog helps you out in some shape or form.